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uk /feɪl/ us /feɪl/

fail verb (NOT SUCCEED)

B2 [ I ] to not succeed in what you are trying to achieve or are expected to do

She moved to London in the hope of finding work as a model, but failed. 她搬到倫敦,希望找份模特兒的工作,但沒找到。
This method of growing tomatoes never fails. 這種種植番茄的方法屢試不爽。
He failed in his attempt to break the record. 他未能打破紀錄。
[ + to infinitive ] She failed to reach the Wimbledon Final this year. 今年她未能進入溫布頓網球賽決賽。
The reluctance of either side to compromise means that the talks are doomed to (= will certainly) fail. 雙方均不願讓步意味著會談註定要失敗。
if all else fails

if none of our plans succeed

If all else fails, we can always stay in and watch TV.

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fail verb (EXAM)

A2 [ I or T ] to be unsuccessful, or to judge that someone has been unsuccessful, in a test or exam

UK I passed in history but failed in chemistry. 我通過了歷史考試,但化學考試不及格。
US I passed history but failed chemistry.
A lot of people fail their driving test the first time. 許多人首次參加駕駛執照考試都通不過。
She was sure she was going to fail.
The examiners failed him because he hadn't answered enough questions. 考官評他不及格,因為他沒有答完規定的題數。

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fail verb (NOT DO)

B2 [ I ] to not do something that you should do

[ + to infinitive ] He failed to arrive on time. 他未能準時到達。
The staff had been promised a rise, but the money failed to (= did not) materialize.
You couldn't fail to be (= it is impossible that you would not be) affected by the movie. 你不可能不被這部影片打動。
I'd be failing in my duty if I didn't tell you about the risks involved in the project. 我如果不把這個企劃案涉及的風險告訴你,就是失職。
fail to see/understand

C2 used when you do not accept something

I fail to see why you can't work on a Saturday. 我不明白為甚麼你星期六不能工作。

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fail verb (STOP)

B2 [ I ] to become weaker or stop working completely

If my eyesight fails, I'll have to stop doing this job. 如果視力衰退,我就必須放棄這份工作。
The brakes failed and the car crashed into a tree. 煞車失靈,汽車撞到樹上。
After talking non-stop for two hours, her voice started to fail. 滔滔不絕地講了兩個鐘頭之後,她的聲音開始沙啞了。
The old man was failing fast (= he was dying). 老人奄奄一息。

[ I ] If a business fails, it is unable to continue because of money problems.


fail verb (NOT HELP)

[ T ] to not help someone when you are expected to do so

He failed her in her moment of need. 她最需要他的時候,他卻辜負了她。
When I looked down and saw how far I had to jump, my courage failed me (= I felt very frightened). 當我往下看,看到自己要跳多遠時,就洩了氣。

failnoun [ C ]

uk /feɪl/ us /feɪl/

UK an unsuccessful result in a course, test, or exam

John got three passes and four fails in his exams. 約翰考試三門及格,四門不及格。
without fail

If you do something without fail, you always do it.

I go to the gym every Monday and Wednesday, without fail. 我每逢週一和週三必定去健身房。

used to tell someone that they must do something

Be there at nine o'clock, without fail. 九點鐘務必到那裡。

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