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uk /frɒst/ us /frɑːst/

B2 [ C or U ] a weather condition in which the air temperature falls below the freezing point of water, especially outside at night

There was a frost last night. 昨天晚上下霜了。
There were a lot of hard/heavy (= severe) frosts that winter. 那年冬天多次出現嚴重的霜凍。

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uk /frɒst/ us /frɑːst/

frost verb (COLD)

[ I or T ] to become covered in frost

Our bedroom window frosted up. 我們臥室的窗戶上結霜了。
Our lawn is frosted over. 我們的草坪上結了一層霜。

frost verb (CAKE)

[ T ] US to cover a cake with icing

Leave the cake to cool before frosting it. 等蛋糕晾涼了再撒糖霜。

frost verb (HAIR)

[ T ] US to make narrow strips of a person's hair a more pale colour than the surrounding hair


frost verb (GLASS)

[ T ] to intentionally make glass less smooth to stop it being transparent


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