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uk /ɡlɑːs/ us /ɡlæs/

glass noun (SUBSTANCE)

A1 [ U ] a hard, transparent material, used to make windows, bottles, and other objects

coloured/broken glass 有色/碎玻璃
a glass jar/dish/ornament 玻璃寬口瓶/碟/飾品
It's a huge window made from a single pane of glass. 這扇巨大的窗戶是由一整塊玻璃造的。

[ U ] objects made from glass when thought of as a group

The museum has a fine collection of valuable glass. 這個博物館收藏了一批珍貴的玻璃製品。
under glass

in a glasshouse

In cool climates you have to grow tropical plants under glass. 在氣候涼爽的地帶,必須把熱帶植物種在玻璃溫室中。

Más ejemplos

  • a chipped glass
  • clear glass
  • office furnishings in glass, leather, and chrome
  • A stone hit the window and cracked the glass.
  • The road was covered with fragments of glass from the shattered window.

glass noun (CONTAINER)

A1 [ C ] a small container for drinks made of glass or similar material, with a flat base and usually with no handle

a beer/wine glass 啤酒/葡萄酒杯
She poured some milk into a glass. 她往玻璃杯中倒了些牛奶。
a glass of sth

A1 a type or amount of drink contained in a glass

Would you like a glass of water? 你要不要喝杯水?
Two glasses of lemonade, please. 請給我兩杯檸檬水。

Más ejemplos

  • She'd had a couple of glasses of champagne and was starting to feel light-headed.
  • He got up and refilled their glasses.
  • On a hot day it's lovely to hear the chink of ice in a glass.
  • Would you like a glass of wine?
  • He'd left sticky fingermarks all over the glass.


glasses [ plural ]

Más ejemplos

  • I usually wear contact lenses, but I sometimes wear glasses when my eyes are tired.
  • He wears glasses for reading.

A1 two small pieces of special glass or plastic in a frame worn in front of the eyes to improve sight

a pair of glasses 一副眼鏡
reading glasses 閱讀用眼鏡

glass noun (DEVICE)

the glass [ S ] old-fashioned

a barometer

The glass has been falling/rising (= showing a change to bad/good weather) all day. 今天氣壓一直在下降/上升。

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