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haulverb [ T ]

uk /hɔːl/ us /hɑːl/

C2 to pull something heavy slowly and with difficulty

They hauled the boat out of the water. 他們把船拉上了岸。
She hauled herself up into the tree. 她費勁地爬上了樹。

Más ejemplos

  • He hauled himself over the wall, grunting with the effort.
  • A freight train can haul thousands of tons of goods.
  • The fishermen were hauling the nets in at the back of the boat.
  • It took three men to haul the roller across the pitch.
  • We had to haul the wardrobe up three flights of stairs.


Phrasal verb(s)

haulnoun [ C ]

uk /hɔːl/ us /hɑːl/

haul noun [ C ] (AMOUNT)

C2 a usually large amount of something that has been stolen or is illegal

a haul of arms/drugs 大量的武器/毒品

haul noun [ C ] (FISH)

the amount of fish caught

Fishermen have been complaining of poor hauls all year. 漁民們整年都在抱怨捕的魚太少。

haul noun [ C ] (JOURNEY)

a journey, often a difficult one

From there it was a long haul/only a short haul back to our camp. 從那裡回到我們的營地是一段漫長而艱辛/短暫而輕鬆的旅程。

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