Traducción de "have" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


verb [ T ] (RECEIVE) 收到 uk us strong /hæv/ weak /həv/ /əv/ (had)

to receive, accept or allow something to happen

Here, have some more coffee. 來,再喝點咖啡。
[ + to infinitive ] My mother's having visitors (to stay) next week. 我母親下星期有客人(來住)。
Let me have the book back next week. 下星期把這本書還給我。
In the end they solved their problems and she had him back (= allowed him to come and live with her again). 最後他們解決了問題,她允許他回到自己身邊。
I looked in all the shops for string but there was none to be had (= none that anyone could obtain). 我跑遍了所有的商店,可是全都沒有細繩子可買。
I kept telling him that you were French but he wouldn't have it (= would not accept that it was true). 我一直跟他說你是法國人,可是他就是不肯相信。
[ + -ing verb ] I won't have those kids running all over my flowerbeds (= I refuse to allow them to do this). 我不允許那些孩子在我的花圃裡跑來跑去。

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