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hitchnoun [ C ]

uk /hɪtʃ/ us /hɪtʃ/

a temporary difficulty that causes a short delay

Due to a slight technical hitch the concert will be starting half an hour late. 由於出了一點小小的技術故障,音樂會將順延半個小時開始。


uk /hɪtʃ/ us /hɪtʃ/

hitch verb (RIDE)

hitch a lift/ride informal

to get a free ride in someone else's vehicle as a way of travelling

They hitched a lift to Edinburgh from a passing car. 他們搭乘一輛過路的車到了愛丁堡。

hitch verb (FASTEN)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to fasten something to another thing by tying it with a rope or using a metal hook

The horses were hitched to a shiny, black carriage. 馬匹被套在一輛黑亮的大車上。
We just need to hitch the trailer (on)to the car and then we can go. 我們只需把拖車掛在汽車後面,這樣就可以走了。

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