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uk /dʒɒb/ us /dʒɑːb/

job noun (EMPLOYMENT)

A1 [ C ] the regular work that a person does to earn money

a temporary/permanent job 臨時的/固定的工作
When she left college, she got a job as an editor in a publishing company. 大學畢業後她在一家出版社當編輯。
It's very difficult trying to bring up two children while doing a full-time job. 一邊撫育兩個孩子一邊做全職工作很困難。
He's never managed to hold down (= keep) a steady (= permanent) job. 他從來沒能保住一份穩定的工作。
She's applied for a job with an insurance company. 她已向一家保險公司應徵。
Are you going to give up your job when you have your baby? 你有了小孩後會放棄工作嗎?
After a disastrous first month in office, many people are beginning to wonder if the new president is up to (= able to do) the job. 由於新總統任職的第一個月表現很糟,許多人開始懷疑他是否勝任。
Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs. 數百名工人可能會失業。

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job noun (PIECE OF WORK)

A2 [ C ] a particular piece of work

The builders are aiming to get the job done by the end of the month. 施工人員打算在月底前將工作完成。
He spent the afternoon doing jobs around the house. 他整個下午都在家裡做雜務。
informal Will you be able to carry all the shopping back home on your bike, or will it have to be a car job (= will you need the car)? 你能把買來的東西都用腳踏車載回家嗎,還是用汽車才行?

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B2 [ S ] something that is your responsibility

[ + to infinitive ] She believed her job as a politician was to represent the views of her party and the people who voted for her. 她認為自己身為政治家的職責就是要做她的政黨和選民的代言人。
I know it's not my job to tell you how to run your life, but I do think you've made a mistake. 我知道不該由我來告訴你如何生活,但我的確認為你犯了錯。

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job noun (PROBLEM)

[ S ] informal a problem or an activity that is difficult

[ + -ing verb ] It was a real job getting the wheel off the bike. 把腳踏車的輪子拆下來可真費力。
We were only given an hour for the exam, and I had a job finishing it. 我們的考試限時一小時,我好不容易才做完。

job noun (EXAMPLE)

[ C ] informal an example of a particular type

It's an original, not one of those imitation jobs. 這是原作,不是仿製品。

job noun (CRIME)

[ C ] slang a crime in which money or goods are stolen, or an action or activity that is dishonest or unpleasant

He was put in prison for five years for doing a bank job. 他因搶劫銀行被判入獄五年。
US He really did a job on her, telling her that he would always love her and then moving to Fiji with someone else. 他的確耍了她,告訴她自己會永遠愛她,後來卻和別人一起跑到斐濟去了。
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