Traducción de "mature" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


verb (DEVELOP MENTALLY) 精神上發展 uk us /məˈtjʊər/ US  /-ˈtʊr/ /məˈtjʊər/ US  /-ˈtʊr/ mainly approving

[ I or T ] to become more developed mentally and emotionally and behave in a responsible way

Girls are said to mature faster than boys. 據說女孩比男孩成熟得快。
He matured a lot while he was at college. 他在大學期間成熟了很多。

[ I ] If ideas, opinions, etc. mature, they reach an advanced or developed state

It took several years for her ideas to mature. 她的想法經過幾年才醞釀成熟。

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