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minimizeverb [ T ]

UK usually minimise uk /ˈmɪn.ɪ.maɪz/ us /ˈmɪn.ə.maɪz/

C1 to reduce something to the least possible level or amount

We must minimize the risk of infection. 我們必須將感染的風險降到最低。
Environmentalists are doing everything within their power to minimize the impact of the oil spill. 環保人士正竭盡全力把石油外溢造成的影響減到最少。

to make something seem less important or smaller than it really is

She accused politicians of minimizing the suffering of thousands of people. 她指責政府對成千上萬的人所受的疾苦輕描淡寫。
It's important to focus on your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses. 揚長避短是很重要的。

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