Traducción de "mistaken" - Diccionario inglés-chino tradicional


adjective uk us /mɪˈsteɪ.kən/

wrong in what you believe, or based on a belief that is wrong

If you think you can carry on drinking so much without damaging your health, then you're mistaken. 如果你認為可以繼續喝這麼多酒而不損害健康的話,那你錯了。
I'm afraid I was mistaken about how much it would cost. 恐怕我搞錯了要花多少錢。
The negotiations continued in the mistaken belief that a peaceful agreement could be reached. 人們都誤以為可以達成和平協定,談判就在這個背景下繼續進行著。
a case of mistaken identity 認錯人的案例
mistakenly uk us /mɪˈsteɪ.kə adverb

She mistakenly believed that she could get away with not paying her taxes. 她錯誤地認為她可以逃稅而不被發現。

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