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oathnoun [ C ]

uk /əʊθ/ us /oʊθ/

oath noun [ C ] (PROMISE)

a promise, especially that you will tell the truth in a law court

Medieval knights took an oath of allegiance/loyalty to their lord. 中世紀騎士宣誓效忠於君主。
The witness placed her hand on the Bible and took the oath (= promised to tell the truth). 證人將手放在《聖經》上,起誓要講真話。
be under/on oath

to have formally promised to tell the truth

The judge reminded the witness that she was under oath. 法官提醒證人她宣過誓要據實作證。

oath noun [ C ] (SWEAR WORD)

old-fashioned an offensive word, especially one that uses a name for God

muttering/mouthing oaths 低聲/默默地咒罵

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