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periodnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpɪə.ri.əd/ us /ˈpɪr.i.əd/

period noun [ C ] (TIME)

B1 a length of time

Her work means that she spends long periods away from home. 她的工作意味著她須長時間離家在外。
Unemployment in the first half of the year was 2.5 percent lower than in the same period the year before. 1993年上半年的失業率比前一年同期低2%。
15 people were killed in/over a period of four days. 在四天內有15人被殺。
The study will be carried out over a six-month period. 調查將持續六個月。

B1 in school, a division of time in the day when a subject is taught

We have six periods of science a week. 我們一周有六節自然科學課。

a fixed time during the life of a person or in history

Most teenagers go through a rebellious period. 大部分青少年都要經過一個叛逆期。
The house was built during the Elizabethan period. 這幢房子是在伊莉莎白時期建造的。

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period noun [ C ] (BLOOD)

the bleeding from a woman's womb that happens once a month when she is not pregnant

period pains 經痛
She'd missed a period and was worried. 她的月經沒按期來,讓她很擔心。

period noun [ C ] (MARK)

mainly US UK usually full stop the symbol . used in writing at the end of a sentence or at the end of the short form of a word


mainly US said at the end of a statement to show that you believe you have said all there is to say on a subject and you are not going to discuss it any more

There will be no more shouting, period! 別再喊叫了,到此為止!


uk /ˈpɪə.ri.əd/ us /ˈpɪr.i.əd/
period costume/dress/furniture

the clothes or furniture of a particular time in history

They performed "Julius Caesar" in period dress. 他們穿著當時的服裝演《凱撒大帝》這齣戲。

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