Traducción de "period" - Diccionario inglés-chino tradicional


noun [ C ] (TIME) 時間 uk us /ˈpɪə.ri.əd/ US  /ˈpɪr.i-/

a length of time

Her work means that she spends long periods away from home. 她的工作意味著她須長時間離家在外。
Unemployment in the first half of 1993 was 2% lower than in the same period the year before. 1993年上半年的失業率比前一年同期低2%。
Fifteen people were killed in/over a period of four days. 在四天內有15人被殺。
The study will be carried out over a six-month period. 調查將持續六個月。

in school, a division of time in the day when a subject is taught

We have six periods of science a week. 我們一周有六節自然科學課。

a fixed time during the life of a person or in history

Most teenagers go through a rebellious period. 大部分青少年都要經過一個叛逆期。
The house was built during the Elizabethan period. 這幢房子是在伊莉莎白時期建造的。

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