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uk /pluːm/ us /pluːm/

[ C usually plural ] a large feather

fans made of ostrich plumes 駝鳥羽毛做的扇子
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[ C ] a decoration that looks like several large feathers tied together, worn by soldiers on their hats or attached to horses' heads

The coffin was drawn by horses with black plumes. 靈柩由披掛著黑色羽飾的馬拉著。
a plume of dust, smoke, etc.

a tall, thin mass of smoke, dust, or similar substance that rises up into the air

After the explosion, a plume of smoke could be seen in the sky for miles around. 爆炸發生後,方圓幾英哩都能看得見天空中的縷縷煙霧。

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