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uk /rɪˈspekt.fəl/ us /rɪˈspekt.fəl/

respectful adjective (ADMIRATION)

C1 showing admiration for someone or something

"We're so pleased to meet you at last," he said in a respectful tone of voice. 「我們終於和您見面了,真是萬分高興,」他畢恭畢敬地說道。

respectful adjective (HONOUR)

C1 showing politeness or honour to someone or something

There was a respectful two-minute silence as we remembered the soldiers who had died in the war. 在紀念戰爭中陣亡將士的儀式上,我們心懷崇敬默哀兩分鐘。
be respectful of sth

to accept that something is important and not to try to change it or cause offence

He taught his children to be respectful of other cultures. 他教導他的孩子們要尊重其他文化。

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