Traducción de "romantic" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


adjective uk us /ʊˈmæn.tɪk/ US  /roʊˈmæn.t̬ɪk/

relating to love or a close loving relationship

a romantic novel/comedy 言情小說/愛情喜劇
You used to be so romantic, but now you never tell me that you love me. 你以前是那麼多情,可現在你從來就不對我說你愛我。
I suppose he is quite romantic - he sends me flowers on my birthday and tells me I'm looking beautiful and so on. 我猜他是個很浪漫的人--他在我的生日送花給我,又說我看起來很漂亮等等。

exciting and mysterious and having a strong effect on your emotions

We thought that Egypt was an incredibly romantic country. 我們以前認為埃及是個充滿傳奇色彩的國家。

slightly disapproving not practical and having a lot of ideas which are not related to real life

She has a romantic idea of what it's like to be a struggling young artist. 她不切實際地想像著做一個掙紮求生的年輕藝術家是如何浪漫。
romantically uk us /ʊˈmæn.tɪ US  /roʊˈmæn.t̬ɪ-/ adverb

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