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uk /sel/ us /sel/ sold, sold

sell verb (MONEY)

A2 [ I or T ] to give something to someone else in return for money

[ + two objects ] I sold him my car/I sold my car to him for $600. 我把車以600英鎊的價錢賣給了他。
We'll be selling the tickets at/for £50 each. 我們每張票將賣50英鎊。
The stall sells drinks and snacks. 這個攤位賣飲料和小吃。

sell verb (PERSUADE)

C2 [ T ] to persuade someone that an idea or plan is a good one and likely to be successful

My boss is very old-fashioned and I'm having a lot of trouble selling the idea of working at home occasionally. 我的上司很守舊,我要費好大的功夫才能使他相信偶爾在家裡工作是個不錯的主意。
The filmmakers sold me on the idea that my book would work on the screen.
[ + two objects ] The chance of greater access to European markets would help sell the president the plan/sell the plan to the president. 有機會更進一步打入歐洲市場將能說服總統接受這個計劃。
In an interview, you have to sell yourself to the employer.

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