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sell out

phrasal verb with sell uk /sel/ us /sel/ verb sold, sold


to sell all of the supply that you have of something

We sold out of the T-shirts in the first couple of hours. 我們在前幾個小時就把T恤賣完了。

B2 If a supply of something sells out, there is no more of that thing to buy.

銷售一空,售罄; 脫售
The first issue of the magazine sold out within two days. 雜誌的第一期兩天內銷售一空。

[ passive ] When a film, concert, etc. is sold out, all of the tickets for it have been sold.

We couldn't get seats - the concert was sold out. 我們弄不到座位——音樂會的票賣完了。


to sell your business or part of your business

They decided to sell out to their competitors. 他們決定把公司賣給競爭對手。

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