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stalknoun [ C ]

uk /stɔːk/ us /stɑːk/

the main stem of a plant, or the narrow stem that joins leaves, flowers, or fruit to the main stem of a plant

She trimmed the stalks of the tulips before putting them in a vase. 她修剪了一下鬱金香的花梗,然後把它們插進了花瓶。

a narrow structure that supports a part of the body in some animals

The eyes of shrimps are on movable stalks. 蝦的眼睛長在能夠活動的肉柄上。


uk /stɔːk/ us /stɑːk/

stalk verb (FOLLOW)

[ T ] to follow an animal or person as closely as possible without being seen or heard, usually in order to catch or kill them

The police had been stalking the woman for a week before they arrested her. 警方逮捕那個女人之前已經跟蹤了她一個星期。

[ I or T ] to illegally follow and watch someone over a period of time

He had stalked her for several months before he was arrested.
He was arrested for stalking. 他因跟蹤騷擾女性而被捕。

[ T ] literary If something unpleasant stalks a place, it appears there in a threatening way.

When night falls, danger stalks the streets of the city. 夜幕降臨之後,該市的大街小巷危機四伏。

stalk verb (WALK)

[ I + adv/prep ] to walk in an angry or proud way

She refused to accept that she was wrong and stalked furiously out of the room. 她拒絕承認自己的錯誤,怒氣衝衝地走出了房間。

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