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suggestverb [ T ]

uk /səˈdʒest/ us /səˈdʒest/

suggest verb [ T ] (MENTION)

B1 to mention an idea, possible plan, or action for other people to consider

I suggested an Italian restaurant near the station for the party.
formal Might I suggest a white wine with your salmon, sir? 我建議來一杯白葡萄酒配您的鮭魚吧,先生?
[ + (that) ] I suggest (that) we wait a while before we make any firm decisions. 我建議我們在作出任何明確而肯定的決定之前先考慮片刻。
Liz suggested (that) I try the shop on Mill Road. 莉茲建議我去米爾街的那家店看看。
[ + -ing verb ] I suggested putting the matter to the committee. 我提議把這件事提交委員會討論。
[ + question word ] Can you suggest where I could buy a dozen roses? 你知道哪裡有藥店嗎?

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suggest verb [ T ] (SHOW/EXPRESS)

B2 to communicate or show an idea or feeling without stating it directly or giving proof

[ + (that) ] There's no absolute proof, but all the evidence suggests (that) he's guilty. 雖然沒有確鑿的證據,但所有證據都表明他有罪。
Are you suggesting (that) I look fat in these trousers? 你言下之意是說我穿這條褲子顯得胖?
Something about his manner suggested a lack of interest in what we were doing. 他的舉止流露出的某種暗示意味著他對我們正在做的事情並無興趣。

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suggest verb [ T ] (PRODUCE AN IDEA)

formal to produce an idea in the mind

Does anything suggest itself? (= Do you have any ideas about what we should do?) 你想到甚麼好主意了嗎?

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