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uk /səˈpraɪ.zɪŋ/ us /sɚˈpraɪ.zɪŋ/

B1 unexpected

He gave a quite surprising answer. 他的回答非常出人意料。
It's hardly/scarcely/not surprising (that) you're putting on weight, considering how much you're eating. 想想你吃多少東西,你發胖也就不足為奇了。
I have to say that it's surprising to find you agreeing with me for once. 你也有和我意見一致的時候,我得說這很讓我意外。

Más ejemplos

  • After a six-hour flight and a long day of meetings, it's not surprising you conked out.
  • If you feed your dog on cakes and biscuits, it's not surprising he's so fat.
  • After a gruelling six months singing on a world tour, it is hardly surprising that her voice is starting to go.
  • A surprising percentage of the population are illiterate.
  • My inability to do needlework was treated with surprising indulgence by my teacher.

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