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swaggerverb [ I ]

uk /ˈswæɡ.ər/ us /ˈswæɡ.ɚ/

to walk or act in a way that shows that you are very confident and think that you are important

They swaggered into the room. 他們大搖大擺地走進了房間。
A group of young men swaggered around outside the bar. 一群年輕人在酒吧外面大搖大擺地走來走去。
His swaggering self-confidence irritates many people. 他趾高氣昂的自負神態激怒了很多人。

swaggernoun [ S or U ]

uk /ˈswæɡ.ər/ us /ˈswæɡ.ɚ/

a way of walking or acting that shows you are confident

He walked out of the room with a self-confident swagger. 他大搖大擺、趾高氣昂地走出房間。
Underneath all his swagger he's actually pretty nervous. 雖然表面上一副自命不凡的樣子,但實際上他很緊張。

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