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uk /swet/ us /swet/

sweat noun (LIQUID)

B2 [ U ] the clear, salty liquid that you pass through your skin

The dancers were dripping with/pouring with sweat after a morning's rehearsal. 經過整個上午的彩排,舞蹈演員們都大汗淋漓。
By the time we'd climbed to the top of the hill, we were covered in sweat. 爬到山頂的時候,我們渾身是汗。
She wiped the beads (= drops) of sweat from her forehead. 她擦了擦額頭上的汗珠。
figurative The cathedral was built by human toil and sweat (= effort). 這是匯聚人們的血汗建成的大教堂。

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sweat noun (CLOTHES)

sweats [ plural ] US UK tracksuit

a loose top and trousers, worn either by people who are training for a sport or exercising, or as informal clothing


sweatverb [ I ]

uk /swet/ us /swet/

sweat verb [ I ] (PRODUCE LIQUID)

B2 to pass sweat through the skin because you are hot, ill, or frightened

It was so hot when we arrived in Tripoli that we started to sweat as soon as we got off the plane. 我們到達的黎波里時天氣太熱,我們一下飛機就開始出汗。
The prisoners were sweating with fear. 囚犯們嚇得直冒汗。
informal I was so afraid, I was sweating like a pig (= sweating a lot). 我害怕極了,渾身冒汗。

If something sweats, it produces drops of liquid on the outside.

The walls in older houses sometimes sweat with damp. 老房子的牆壁有時候會因為潮濕而滲出水。

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