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uk /ˈtɔː.ment/ us /ˈtɔːr.ment/

[ U ] great mental suffering and unhappiness, or great physical pain

The family said they had endured years of torment and abuse at the hands of their neighbours. 這家人說多年來他們一直忍受著鄰居們的欺淩羞辱。
Waiting for the result of the medical tests was sheer torment. 等待醫療檢查的結果簡直就是一種折磨。
He spent the night in torment, trying to decide what was the best thing to do. 他在痛苦中渡過了那個晚上,思量著最好該怎麼做。
torments [ plural ]

great mental suffering and unhappiness

Nothing can describe the torments we went through while we were waiting for news. 我們在等待消息時所受的精神折磨是無法用語言描述的。

[ C ] something or someone that causes great suffering or anger

Writing reports was a monthly torment to him. 納稅申報表每年都讓他頭痛。

tormentverb [ T ]

uk /tɔːˈment/ us /tɔːrˈment/

to cause a person or animal to suffer or worry

The animals are tormented mercilessly by flies and mosquitoes. 動物受到蒼蠅和蚊子的無情折磨。
The camera focused on a group of women whose faces were tormented by/with (= showed that they were suffering) grief. 照相機對準了一群滿臉憂傷的婦女。
It tormented me all day - had I said the wrong thing and hurt her feelings? 這件事折磨了我一整天——我離開家時記得鎖門了嗎?

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