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uk /truːp/ us /truːp/
troops C2 [ plural ]

Más ejemplos

soldiers on duty in a large group

Traditionally, United Nations troops have been deployed only in a peacekeeping role. 傳統上,聯合國部隊的部署只用於維和目的。
The major powers have said they will not send in ground troops (= soldiers who fight on land). 一些大國聲稱不準備派遣地面部隊。
In 1988, about 220,000 American troops were stationed in Western Europe. 1988年大約有22萬美國軍隊駐紮在西歐。
All troops will be withdrawn by the end of the year. 年底前所有部隊都將撤回。

[ C ] a group of soldiers, especially ones who fight in strong military vehicles or on horses

the King's Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery 隸屬國王的皇家騎炮兵團

[ C ] an organized group of young people who are Scouts

My brother joined the local Boy Scout troop.

troopadjective [ before noun ]

uk /truːp/ us /truːp/

for, relating to, or involving troops

Satellite photographs provide us with a lot of information about their troop movements. 衛星照片給我們提供了有關他們部隊調防的大量資訊。


uk /truːp/ us /truːp/

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to walk somewhere in a large group, usually with one person behind another

The little boys trooped after him across the playing fields. 小男孩一個接一個跟在他後面穿過操場。
The Norwich fans gave their team a loud cheer as they trooped off the field. 當球員們列隊離開賽場時,諾裡奇的球迷向他們大聲歡呼。
None of us knew what to expect as we trooped into her office. 當我們一個個進入她的辦公室時,誰也不知道會發生甚麼事情。

[ I ] informal humorous to travel somewhere as a group, especially when told to

We all trooped down to London for the meeting. 我猜想總部希望我們都去倫敦參加這次會議。

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