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uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

up adverb (HIGHER)

A2 towards a higher position; towards a higher value, number, or level

Put those books up on the top shelf. 把那些書放到書架頂層。
A gravel road leads through the jungle and up into the Andes. 一條礫石鋪成的路穿過叢林,向上進入安第斯山。
Pushing the number of unit sales up every quarter can't be continued indefinitely. 單位銷售數位每個季度都增長的趨勢不可能無限期持續下去。
The water was up to/had come up to the level of the windows. 水已經漲到窗戶那麽高了。

out of the ground

He spent the afternoon digging carrots up. 他挖了一下午的胡蘿蔔。
up and down

B2 from a higher to a lower position repeatedly

My little girl started jumping up and down with rage when she heard she couldn't go. 我的小女兒在得知她不能去後非常生氣,開始不停地跳上跳下。

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up adverb (VERTICAL)

A1 in or into a vertical position

Would you stand up for a minute? I want to see how tall you are. 你能站起來一會兒嗎,我想看看你有多高。

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up adverb (TOP)

A2 in a high position; at the top

Our boardroom is up on the 23rd floor. 我們的會議室在上面的23層。
You can tell which way up the crates have to be because they all say "TOP". 你可以看出條板箱該哪面朝上,因爲每個箱子都寫有「此面朝上」的字樣。

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up adverb (NEAR)

B1 very near

Carrying a gun, he walked up to the cashier and demanded money. 他拿著槍,走到收銀員跟前逼其把錢拿出來。
A limousine drew up (= parked) outside the hotel. 一輛大型豪華車開過來,停在飯店外面。

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up adverb (INCREASE)

B2 to a greater degree; in order to increase

The fire heats the room up (= makes it warmer) within minutes. 爐火使房間在幾分鐘內就暖和起來。
Grandma always turns the TV up really loud because she can't hear very well. 祖母總是把電視音量調得很大,因爲她聽力不好。
Try not to get worked up (= increasingly excited or angry) - I'm sure we can resolve this. 盡量不要激動,我相信我們能解決這個問題。

B2 If a level or amount is up, it has increased.

The cost of car insurance is up, but not very much. 車輛保險費用有所提高,但增幅不大。
Last year the company's turnover was $240 billion, up three percent on (= compared with) the previous year. 去年該公司的營業額是2400億美元,比前年增加了3%。

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up adverb (NOT IN BED)

B1 not in bed

It's time to get up now! 現在該起床啦!
I was up all night, finishing my essay. 噢,我一夜沒睡寫完了我的文章。
up and about/around

to be able to get out of bed and move around again after a period of illness, because your health has improved enough


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up adverb (EXIST)

into existence, view, or attention

Originally the charity was set up to help orphans in urban areas. 成立慈善機構的初衷是要幫助城裡的孤兒。
I'm sorry, but something unexpected has come up (= has happened) at the office, and I'll be home late. 對不起,親愛的,辦公室裡出了點兒意外,我會晚點回家。
Coming up (= happening next) after the break, we have a man who claims he can communicate with fish. 休息之後,我們有請一位自稱能與魚溝通的人上場。
Would this be a good time to bring up the issue of salary? 現在提薪水的問題合適嗎?

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up adverb (EQUAL)

so as to be equal in quality, knowledge, or achievement

She couldn't go to school for a few weeks because of illness, but she'll be able to catch up (with her work) quickly. 她因病幾周不能去上課,但她(的功課)很快就能趕上來。
So much scientific research is being performed that it's virtually impossible to keep up (with all the new developments). 有那麽多的科學研究在進行,要跟上(所有的新進展)幾乎是不可能的。

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up adverb (TOGETHER)

in a state of being together with other similar things

You have half an hour to gather up anything you'll need for the journey. 你有半個小時的時間來收拾旅途中所需的東西。
Add up the column of numbers in your head and then tell me what the total is. 在心裡把這一列數位加起來,然後告訴我總數。

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up adverb (TIGHTLY)

tightly or firmly in order to keep something safe or in position

Tie up the top of the bag so the rubbish doesn't fall out. 把袋口紮好,以防垃圾外泄。
You'd better wrap up (= wear warm clothes) - it's cold outside. 你最好穿暖和些——外面很冷。
UK Can you do my shoelaces up for me? 你能幫我把鞋帶繫上嗎?

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up adverb (SMALLER)

broken or cut into smaller pieces; made smaller in area

He cut the letter up into a hundred pieces. 他把信剪得粉粹。
She folded the newspaper up and put it in her bag. 她把報紙疊起來放進包裡。
The car blew up (= exploded) when flames reached its fuel tank. 當火焰觸及油箱時,汽車爆炸了。

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up adverb (AGE)

to a greater age

No one said that growing up would be easy or painless. 沒有人認爲成長很輕鬆、沒有痛苦。
Many single parents struggle to bring their children up on a low income. 許多單身父母靠微薄的收入把孩子撫養大。

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up adverb (PROBLEM)

B1 [ after verb ] used when talking or asking about what is happening

Everyone was talking in whispers, and I could tell something was up (= something unusual was happening). 大家都在竊竊私語,我可以斷定一定發生了甚麽不同尋常的事。
What's up? (= What is happening or what is wrong?) 怎麽回事?

up adverb (FINISHED)

[ after verb ] When a period of time is up, it is finished.

When the two hours were up nobody had answered all of the questions. 兩個小時過去了,沒有人回答完所有問題。
Your time is up - it's someone else's turn on the training equipment now. 你的時間到了——現在輪到別人使用訓練設備了。

up adverb (IMPROVE)

into an improved position or state

By lap 26, Hamilton had moved up into second position. 到第26圈,塞納已上升至二位。
Stein had a bad start to the race, but by the ninth lap she was up with the leaders. 斯坦起跑不好,但到第九圈時,她趕上了領先者。

up adverb (END)

B2 to an end, finish, or state of being complete

Finish up the old loaf of bread before you start a new one. 先把舊的那盒餅乾吃完,再打開一盒新的。
Crime won't help - you'll end up in prison. 犯罪不能解決問題——最終會讓你進監獄。
I'd like to round up the meeting by thanking all those who were able to attend at such short notice. 在本次會議結束之際,我要感謝所有在這麽短的時間收到通知就趕來出席會議的人。

up adverb (DIRECTION)

towards the north

On Tuesday she'll be travelling up to Atlanta from New Orleans. 週二她將從伯明罕北上前往紐卡素。

up adverb (INTENDED)

up for sth

intended, suggested, or being considered for something

That house at the end of our road is up for sale again. 我們這條路盡頭的那座房子又要出售了。
Are you really up for promotion? 你真的會被提升嗎?

up adverb (EAGER)

up for (doing) sth informal

willing and able to do or take part in an activity

After a long day at work I wasn't really up for a party. 工作了一整天之後,我真的不願意參加甚麼聚會了。
We're going swimming. Are you up for it? 我們去游泳。你想一起去嗎?
I'm up for organizing the meeting if nobody else wants to do it. 如果沒人願意,我願意組織這次會議。

up adverb (TRIAL)

[ after verb ] UK on trial in a court

If he doesn't pay the fine soon, he'll be up before the magistrate. 如果他不馬上交上罰款,就將會被地方法庭傳訊。
Smith is up for armed robbery. 馬克斯被控持械搶劫而出庭受審。

up adverb (ROAD)

[ after verb ] UK When a road is up, it is being repaired and so is unsuitable for use.

The council has got the road up because of a broken sewer. 因爲下水管道破裂,市政會正在整修道路。

up adverb (HAIR)

If someone's long hair is up, it is arranged on the top or back of the head.

You look nice with your hair up. 你頭髮向上梳看起來很可愛。


uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

up preposition (HIGHER)

A2 to or in a higher level or position

We followed her up the stairs to a large meeting room. 我們跟隨她上樓進入一個大會議室。

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up preposition (TOP)

at the top of

You'll find a dusty attic up these stairs. 沿著這些樓梯向上,你就會看到一個布滿灰塵的閣樓。
If you want Fred, he's up that ladder. 如果你找弗雷德,他就在那個梯子上。

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up preposition (ALONG)

A2 (further) along

The car shot off up the road at high speed. 車沿著公路飛馳。
They live just up the road. 他們就住在路邊。
up and down

B2 along the surface of something first in one direction and then in the opposite direction, usually repeatedly

He was running up and down the street, shouting. 他沿著小路來回跑,大聲呼喊。

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up preposition (ORIGIN)

towards the starting point of something, especially a river or stream

Rowing up (the) river against the current was very hard work. 划船逆流而上很費力氣。
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up preposition (TO)

UK not standard to or at

Are you going up the club tonight? 今晚你去俱樂部嗎?


uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

up adjective (RISING)

moving up

an up escalator 向上的扶梯
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up adjective (IN OPERATION)

[ after verb ] When a system, computer, or similar machine is up, it is operating, especially in its usual way.

Andy, do you know when the network will be up again? 安迪,你知道網路甚麽時候能恢復正常嗎?

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up adjective (HAPPY)

informal feeling happy

She's been really up since she started her new job. 自從開始新的工作之後,她一直很高興。



uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/ informal

up verb (INCREASE)

[ T ] -pp- to increase something such as a price

We won't be able to make a profit on the deal without upping the sale price. 這筆買賣的銷售價格不提高,我們就無錢可賺。
It looks like tax rates are going to be upped again. 看來稅率又要提高了。

up verb (GO AWAY)

up and ...

used with another verb to emphasize that someone left a place or did something in a sudden and possibly unexpected way

After dinner they just upped and left/went without saying goodbye. 吃完飯後他們就突然起身不辭而別。


uk /ʌp-/ us /ʌp-/

higher or improved

uphill 向山上
uplift 提高

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