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vantage pointnoun

uk /ˈvɑːn.tɪdʒ ˌpɔɪnt/ us /ˈvæn.t̬ɪdʒ ˌpɔɪnt/

vantage point noun (PLACE)

[ C ] a place, especially a high place, that provides a good, clear view of an area

From our lofty vantage point, we could see the city spread out below us. 這裡居高臨下,我們可以俯瞰腳下城市的全貌。

vantage point noun (OPINION)

[ C usually singular ] formal a particular personal way of thinking or set of opinions

The documentary contains a first-hand description of political life in Havana from the vantage point of a senior bureaucrat. 這部紀錄片從一個高級官員的角度來描述其親身體驗過的哈瓦那政治生活。

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