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wantverb [ T ]

uk /wɒnt/ us /wɑːnt/

want verb [ T ] (WISH)

A1 to wish for a particular thing or plan of action. "Want" is not used in polite requests

想要,希望(英國英語中禮貌的請求不用 want)
I want some chocolate. 我想要些巧克力。
She wants a meeting with you. 她想跟你說句話。
He's everything you'd ever want in a man - bright, funny and attractive. 他具備你理想中男人的所有特質——聰明、風趣而又有魅力。
[ + to infinitive ] What do you want to eat? 你想吃甚麼?
[ + obj + to infinitive ] Do you want me to take you to the airport? 你要我送你去車站嗎?
[ + obj + past participle ] This package - do you want it sent today? 這封信你想按第一類郵件寄送嗎?
[ + obj + adj ] Do you want this pie hot? 這塊餡餅你想要熱一下嗎?
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I don't want you coming in at two a.m., waking me up. 我可不希望整個晚上都有大量的車輛從我家房子旁經過,吵得我睡不著覺。
You wait - by next year she'll be wanting a bigger house! 你等著瞧——明年她就會想要一所更大的房子了!

to wish or need someone to be present

Am I wanted at the meeting tomorrow? 明天的會議要我參加嗎?
He is wanted by the police (= they are searching for him). 警方正在通緝他。
want in/out of informal

to want to start or stop being involved in something

I want out of the whole venture before it's too late. 我想在還來得及的時候退出整個經營計劃。

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want verb [ T ] (NEED)

UK to need something

Do you think this soup wants a bit of salt? 你覺得這湯裡要不要加點鹽?
[ + -ing verb ] The wine is in the fridge - it just wants cooling for a couple of minutes. 葡萄酒在冰箱裡——只需要冰鎮幾分鐘。
If you ask me that child wants a good slap! 依我說,那孩子就欠狠狠搧一巴掌!
want to UK

used in giving advice to mean that someone should do something

She wants to tell him now, before it's too late. 趁還來得及,你應該現在就告訴他。
You don't want to put too much pepper in.


uk /wɒnt/ us /wɑːnt/

want noun (LACK)

[ U ] a lack of something

For want of anything better to do I watched television for a while. 由於沒有甚麼更好的事情可做,我就看了一會兒電視。
If we fail it won't be for want of trying (= we have tried even if we fail). 即使我們失敗了,我們也曾努力過。

want noun (NEED)

in want of


He appeared tired and in want of a shave. 他顯得很疲憊,鬍子也需要刮了。
wants [ plural ] formal


Our wants are few. 我們所需要的很少。

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