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Definición de “sell” en inglés


verb     /sel/ (sold, sold)
[I or T] COMMERCE, FINANCE to give something to someone else in return for money : sell securities/ shares / stock sell a car / company / house The 43% owner of the company indicated that it was ready to sell.sell sth to sb/sth The partners plan to sell 40% of the company to investors .sell sb sth We are going to sell him our car .sell to sb/sth The site could be built on if the owners decided to sell to private developers .sell sth at $10/$100, etc. It raised $ 180 million Monday by selling 7.2 million shares at $25 apiece .sell sth at a loss/markup/profit The business was sold at an enormous profit .sell sth for $10/$100, etc. How much did you sell your house for?
[I or T] COMMERCE to have something available for people to buy : sell goods / products / services On either bank of the river are specialist shops selling designer clothes , books , music and art . Its products are sold in 150 countries . We sell directly via a contact sales force . sell online /over the internet
[I or T] COMMERCE, FINANCE to be bought in the quantities or the way specified : sell fast/well The watches are selling well through the group's retail outlets .sell at $10/$100, etc. The stock is currently selling at 11 times earnings estimates .sell for $10/$100, etc. The games console will sell for $349. The company had problems with overstocking and products that didn't sell. The magazine is now selling 225,000 copies a week .
[I or T] MARKETING to make people want to buy something: Price and delivery are only two elements of the marketing mix that sells products . It's a cliche of advertising to say that " sex sells".
[T] to persuade someone that an idea or plan is a good one, and likely to be successful : He is trying to sell an idea for a TV comedy .sell sth to sb The government sold spending cuts to the public as a way to get the economy growing again.
sell yourself to persuade people that you have the right qualities or abilities for a particular job or in a particular situation : The phone interview is your one chance to sell yourself.
sell like hot cakes informal to be bought quickly and in large numbers : With-profits bonds have sold like hot cakes to older people looking for a low-risk, high return for their money .
(Definition of sell verb from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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