Traducción de "abhor" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /əˈbɔːr/ us /æbˈhɔːr/ -rr- formal

to hate a way of behaving or thinking, often because you think it is not moral

I abhor all forms of racism.

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verb /əbˈhoː/ (past tense, past participle abhorred)

(formal) to hate very much

detestar, aborrecer
She abhors impoliteness.
abhorrence /-ˈho-/ noun

abominación, aversión
The Prime Minister has expressed his abhorrence at the apparent killing of a British hostage.
abhorrent /-ˈho-/ adjective

(with to) hate

detestable, aborrecible
Any form of violence was abhorrent to him.

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