Traducción de "attach" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /əˈtætʃ/ us /əˈtætʃ/

B1 to join one thing to another

pegar, unir, adjuntar
She attached a picture to her letter.

to join a file, such as a document, picture, or computer program, to an email

The information is in the attached document.

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verb /əˈtӕtʃ/

to fasten or join

atar, sujetar, adjuntar
I attached a label to my bag.
attached adjective

(with to) fond of

I’m very attached to my brother.
attachment noun

something extra attached

There are several attachments for this food mixer.

(with for/to) liking or affection

cariño, apego
She felt a great deal of attachment to her home town.

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