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uk /bɪt/ us /bɪt/

past tense of bite

pasado simple de “bite”
noun uk /bɪt/ us /bɪt/

A2 a small amount or piece of something

parte, poco
Where does this bit go?
a bit

A2 slightly

un poco
It was a bit too expensive.
There’s a little bit more pasta left.
a bit informal

a short period of time

un rato
I’ll see you in a bit.
quite a bit informal

B1 a lot

He does quite a bit of travelling.
bit by bit


poco a poco
She saved up the money, bit by bit.

a unit of information in a computer


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noun /bit/

a small piece

a bit of cheese.

a piece of any size

a bit of advice.

a short time

un poco, un poquito, un segundo
Wait a bit longer.

(computing) the smallest unit of memory

bit, unidad de información
a 64-bit memory interface.
bitty adjective

(British, informal) made up of small, unrelated pieces

fragmentado, poco coherente, descosido
The match was very bitty with lots of stoppages for injuries to the players
His essay was rather bitty.
bit by bit adverb


poco a poco
We moved the pile of rocks bit by bit.
do one’s bit

(informal) to take one’s share in a task

poner de su parte, colaborar, hacer la debida contribución
Everybody will have to do their bit if we are to finish the job on time.
in ( to bits)

in(to) usually small pieces

(hecho) añicos/pedazos
The broken mirror lay in bits on the floor
He loves taking car engines to bits.

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