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Traducción en español de “carry”


verb /ˈkӕri/ (past tense, past participle carried)
to take from one place etc to another
llevar , transportar
She carried the child over the river Flies carry disease .
to go from one place to another
Sound carries better over water .
to support
These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building .
to have or hold
This job carries great responsibility .
to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes
The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes .
to hold (oneself) in a certain way
He carries himself like a soldier .
carry-all noun (American) a hold-all
bolsa de viaje
We stuffed our clothes in a carry-all.
carrycot noun (British ) a small bed , like a basket , with handles for carrying a baby ; portacrib(American)
capazo (de bebé )
The baby was asleep in her carrycot.
carry-out noun (American ) food which you take away from a restaurant to eat somewhere else ; takeaway (British)
Comida para Llevar
We decided to get a carry-out (also adjective ) a carry-out pizza .
be/get carried away to be overcome by one’s feelings
dejarse llevar
She was/got carried away by the excitement .
carry forward phrasal verb ( mathematics ) to add on (a number from one column of figures to the next)
llevar a la columna siguiente
I forgot to carry the 2 forward .
carry off phrasal verb to take away by carrying
She carried off the screaming child .
carry on phrasal verb to continue
continuar , proseguir
You must carry on working Carry on with your work .
to manage (a business etc)
He carries on a business as a grocer .
carry-on /ˈkari-on/ noun (British, informal ) a fuss ; excited behaviour / behavior .
lío , jaleo , follón
There was a bit of a carry-on when two of the men in the bar started arguing with each other.
carry-on /ˈkari-on/ adjective (of bags or cases ) that passengers can carry with them on board a plane
( bolsa ) de mano
Passengers are allowed one item of carry-on luggage .
carry out phrasal verb to accomplish
llevar a cabo
He carried out the plan .
carry weight to have influence
contar , tener peso , tener influencia
His opinion carries a lot of weight around here.
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