Traducción de "condition" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


noun uk /kənˈdɪʃ·ən/ us /kənˈdɪʃ·ən/

B1 the state that something or someone is in

My bike’s a few years old but it’s in really good condition.
conditions [ plural ]

B1 the situation in which people live, work, or do things

What are their living conditions like?
The prisoners were kept in terrible conditions.

an illness

a heart condition

something that must happen or be agreed before something else can happen

One of the conditions of the contract is that we can’t keep pets.

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noun /kənˈdiʃən/

state or circumstances in which a person or thing is

condición, estado
The house is not in good condition
He is in no condition to leave hospital
under ideal conditions
living conditions
variable weather conditions.

something that must happen or be done before some other thing happens or is done; a term or requirement in an agreement

It was a condition of his going that he should pay his own expenses
That is one of the conditions in the agreement.
conditional adjective

depending on certain conditions

This offer of a university place is conditional on your being able to pass your final school exams
a conditional offer.
conditionally adverb

She’s been conditionally offered a place at university to study history.
conditioner noun

something which helps in conditioning

acondicionador, suavizante
hair conditioner.
on condition that

if, and only if (something is done)

a condición de que
You will be paid tomorrow on condition that the work is finished.

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