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verb uk /dɪˈvaɪd/ us /dɪˈvɑɪd/ present participle dividing, past tense and past participle divided

B1 to separate into parts or groups, or to make something separate into parts or groups

We divided up into teams.

to separate a place into two areas

There’s a narrow alley that divides our house from the one next door.

to calculate how many times a number can go into another number

12 divided by 6 equals 2.

Phrasal verb(s)

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verb /diˈvaid/

to separate into parts or groups

The wall divided the garden in two
The group divided into three when we got off the bus
We are divided (= We do not agree) as to where to spend our holidays.

(with betweenor among) to share

We divided the sweets between us.

to find out how many times one number contains another

6 divided by 2 equals 3.
dividers noun plural

a measuring instrument used in geometry

a pair of dividers.
divisible /diˈvizəbl/ adjective

able to be divided

100 is divisible by 4.
division /diˈviʒən/ noun

(an) act of dividing

the division of the cake into slices

something that separates; a dividing line

A ditch marks the division between their two fields.

a part or section (of an army etc)

He belongs to B division of the local police force.

(a) separation of thought; disagreement

desacuerdo, diferencia
a division among party members.

the process finding out how many times one number is contained in another

The children are learning how to do long division.
divisional /diˈviʒənl/ adjective

of a division

de división, divisional
The soldier contacted divisional headquarters.
divisive /diˈvaisiv/ adjective

causing a lot of arguments between people

a divisive issue/policy..

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