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noun uk /drɑːft/

a piece of writing or a plan that is not yet in its finished form

He made several changes to the first draft.

US spelling of draught

ortografía americana de “draught”: corriente de aire

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noun /draːft/

a rough sketch or outline of something, especially written

borrador, esbozo
I’ve made a rough draft of my speech.

(business ) an order (to a bank etc) for the payment of money

letra de cambio, giro
a draft for $80.

(American) conscription

servicio militar
He emigrated to avoid the draft.

a group (of soldiers etc) taken from a larger group

a draft of troops.
dodge the draft

to evade military service.

evadir el servicio militar
draft dodger noun

a person who illegally avoids joining the army

pirata informático
draft evasion noun

evasion of military service.

evasión del servicio militar

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