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Traducción en español de “dry”


adjective /drai/ (comparative drier, superlative driest)
having little, or no, moisture , sap , rain etc
The ground is very dry The leaves are dry and withered I need to find dry socks for the children .
uninteresting and not lively
a very dry book .
(of humour / humor or manner ) quiet , restrained
agudo , mordaz
a dry wit .
(of wine ) not sweet
a dry sherry .
dried adjective (of food ) having had moisture removed for the purpose of preservation
dried flowers dried fruit .
drier noun ( dryer) a machine etc that dries
secadora , secador
a spin-drier a hair-dryer.
drily adverb ( dryly) in a quiet , restrained (and humorous ) manner
secamente, irónicamente
He commented drily on the untidiness of the room .
dryness noun
the dryness of the land due to drought .
dry cell noun ( physics ) an electric cell in which the electrolyte is in the form of a paste so as to prevent chemicals spilling out of the container
Bateria Electrica
Portable radios are commonly powered by dry cells .
dry-clean verb to clean ( clothes etc) with chemicals , not with water .
limpiar en seco
dry-cleaner’s noun a shop where you can take your clothes to be dry-cleaned
Limpieza en Seco
I need to pick my suit up from the dry-cleaner’s.
dry ice noun solid carbon dioxide which is used for creating mist as a theatrical effect or to keep things cold , such as food .
Hielo Seco
dry land noun the land as opposed to the sea etc
tierra firme
We were relieved to reach dry land after the storm .
dry off phrasal verb to make or become completely dry
She climbed out of the swimming pool and dried off in the sun .
dry up phrasal verb to lose water ; to cease running etc completely
All the rivers dried up in the heat .
to become used up
Supplies of bandages have dried up.
to make dry
The sun dried up the puddles in the road .
(of a speaker ) to forget what he is going to say
quedarse en blanco
He dried up in the middle of his speech .
(Definition of dry from the Password English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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