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noun uk /ɪˈfekt/ us /ɪˈfekt/

B1 a change or result that is caused by something

The accident had a huge effect on her life.
We don’t know the long-term effects of this drug.
take effect

to start to produce results or changes

hacer efecto
They had to wait for the anaesthetic to take effect.

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noun /iˈfekt/

a result or consequence

efecto, consecuencia
He is suffering from the effects of overeating
His discovery had little effect at first.

an impression given or produced

The speech did not have much effect (on them)
a pleasing effect.
effective /-tiv/ adjective

having power to produce, or producing, a desired result

These new teaching methods have proved very effective.

striking or pleasing

llamativo, vistoso; logrado
an effective display of flowers.

in operation; working; active

en vigor, vigente
The new law becomes effective next week.
effectively /-tivli/ adverb

The treatment works very effectively on most patients.
effectiveness /iˈfektivnis/ noun

effects noun plural

property; goods

She left few personal effects when she died.

in drama etc , devices for producing suitable sounds, lighting etc to accompany a play etc

sound effects.
effectual /-tʃuəl/ adjective

successful in producing the desired results

He was not very effectual as an organizer.
come into effect

(of a law etc) to begin to operate

entrar en vigor
The law came into effect last month.
for effect

for the sake of making an impression

para impresionar
You don’t mean that – you only said it for effect.
in effect

(of a rule etc) in operation

en vigor
That law is no longer in effect.

in truth or in practical terms

de hecho
In effect, our opinions differed very little.
put into effect

to put (a law etc) into operation

aplicar algo
He has begun to put his theories into effect.
take effect

to begin to work; to come into force

hacer efecto
When will the drug take effect?

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