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adverb uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑr/

A2 used to talk about how distant something is

How far is it to the supermarket?

very much

Young people are far more independent these days.
as far as I know

used to say what you think is true, although you do not know all the facts

según tengo entendido
As far as I know, they are coming to the party.
by far

used to say that something is very much the biggest, the best, etc.

con diferencia
This is his best book by far.
so far

B1 until now

hasta ahora
So far, we haven’t made much progress on the project.
adjective uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑr/ comparative farther or further, superlative farthest or furthest

describing the part of something that is most distant from you

His office is at the far end of the corridor.

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adverb /faː/

indicating distance, progress etc

How far is it from here to his house?

at or to a long way away

She went far away/off.

very much

She was a far better swimmer than her friend (was).
faraway adjective


remoto, lejano
faraway places.

not paying attention; dreamy

She had a faraway look in her eyes.
far-fetched adjective

very unlikely

inverosímil, improbable
a far-fetched story.
far-off adjective

a long distance away

remoto, alejado
a far-off land.

a long time ago

remoto, alejado
the far-off days of his childhood.
far-reaching adjective

affecting or influencing a large number of people

de amplio alcance, dificil de alcanzar
far-reaching consequences.
far-sighted adjective

having an understanding of the effect that an action will have in the future

con visión de futuro
a far-sighted policy/investment.

(American ) unable to see things clearly when they are close to you; long-sighted (British)

as far as

to the place or point mentioned

We walked as far as the lake.

(also so far as) as great a distance as

He did not walk as far as his friends.

(also so far as) to the extent that

en cuanto a
As far as I know, she is doing well.
by far

by a large amount

mucho, con mucho
They have by far the largest family in the village.
far and away

by a very great amount

con mucho, con diferencia
She is far and away the cleverest girl in the class!
far from

not only not, but

lejos de
Far from liking him, I hate him.

not at all

He was far from helpful.
so far

until now

hasta ahora
So far we have been quite successful.

up to a certain point

hasta cierto punto
We can only get so far without further help.

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