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Traducción en español de “feel”


verb /fiːl/ (past tense, past participle felt /felt/)
to become aware of (something) by the sense of touch
She felt his hand on her shoulder .
to find out the shape , size , texture etc of something by touching , usually with the hands
tocar , palpar
She felt the parcel carefully .
to experience or be aware of (an emotion , sensation etc)
He felt a sudden anger .
to think (oneself) to be
sentirse , encontrarse
She feels sick How does she feel about her work ?
to believe or consider
She feels that the company treated her badly .
feeler noun (in certain animals , insects etc ) an organ for touching , especially one of the two thread-like parts on an insect’s head
antena , tentáculo
A butterfly has a pair of feelers on its head .
feeling noun power and ability to feel
I have no feeling in my little finger .
something that one feels physically
a feeling of great pain .
(usually in plural ) something that one feels in one’s mind
His angry words hurt my feelings a feeling of happiness .
an impression or belief
I have a feeling that the work is too hard.
He has no feeling for her now.
emoción , sentimiento
He spoke with great feeling.
feel as if / as though to have the sensation ( physical or mental ) or feeling that
sentir como si, tener la impresión de
I feel as if I am going to be sick She feels as though she has known him for years .
feel like to have the feelings that one would have if one were
sentirse como
I feel like a princess in this beautiful dress He felt like an idiot (= He felt very foolish ).
to feel that one would like to (have, do etc)
apetecer algo, tener ganas de algo
I feel like a drink Do you feel like going to the cinema ?
feel one’s way to find one’s way by feeling
andar a tientas
I had to feel my way to the door in the dark .
get the feel of to become accustomed to
acostumbrarse a
It takes a while to get the feel of a new job .
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