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verb uk /fɪks/ us /fɪks/

B1 to repair something

Can you fix my watch?

to arrange something

I need to fix my hair.

mainly US to prepare a drink or meal

I’ll fix you a sandwich.

to decide a date or price

Let’s fix a day to have lunch together.

mainly UK to fasten or arrange something in a particular place

They fixed the bookcase to the wall.
I need to fix my hair.

Phrasal verb(s)

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verb /fiks/

to make firm or steady

fijar, clavar
He fixed the post firmly in the ground
He fixed his eyes on the door.

to attach; to join

fijar, clavar
He fixed the shelf to the wall.

to mend or repair

He has succeeded in fixing my watch.

to direct (attention, a look etc) at

fijar, clavar, poner
She fixed all her attention on me.

(often with up) to arrange; to settle

Have you fixed a price yet?
We fixed (up) a meeting.

to make (something) permanent by the use of certain chemicals

to fix a photgraphic print.

to prepare; to get ready

arreglar, organizar
I’ll fix dinner tonight.
fixation noun

a strong idea or opinion for or against something that one does not or cannot change

fijación, obsesión
She has a fixation about cleanliness.
fixed adjective

arranged in advance; settled

a fixed price.

steady; not moving

a fixed gaze/stare.

arranged illegally or dishonestly

The result was fixed.
fixedly /ˈfiksidli/ adverb


He stared fixedly.
fixture /ˈfikstʃə/ noun

a fixed piece of furniture etc

instalación fija
We can’t move the cupboard – it’s a built-in fixture.

an event, especially sporting, arranged for a certain time

The football team has a fixture on Saturday.
fix on phrasal verb

to decide on, choose

decidir, fijar
Have you fixed on a date for the wedding?
fix (someone) up with (something) phrasal verb

to provide (someone) with (something)

proveer, conseguir algo para alguien
Can you fix me up with a car for tomorrow?

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