Traducción de "fog" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


noun [ no plural ] uk /fɒɡ/ us /fɔɡ, fɑɡ/

A2 a thick cloud close to the ground that makes it difficult to see

The fog should lift (= clear) by this afternoon.
foggy adjective /ˈfɒɡ·i/ /ˈfɔ·ɡi, ˈfɑ·ɡi/ comparative foggier, superlative foggiest


de niebla
a foggy day

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noun /foɡ/

a thick cloud of moisture or water vapour/vapor in the air which makes it difficult to see

I had to drive very slowly because of the fog.
foggy adjective (comparative foggier, superlative foggiest)

full of, or covered with, fog

nebuloso, brumoso, de niebla
It is very foggy tonight.
fog-bound adjective

unable to move or function because of fog

inmovilizado por la niebla
The plane is fog-bound.
fog-horn noun

a horn used as a warning to or by ships in fog.

sirena de niebla

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