Traducción de "haul" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /hɔːl/ us /hɔl/

to pull something somewhere slowly and with difficulty

arrastrar, tirar de
They hauled the piano into the living room.

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verb /hoːl/

to pull with great effort or difficulty

tirar de, arrastrar
Horses were used to haul barges along the canals.

to carry by some form of transport

acarrear, transportar
Coal is hauled by road and rail.
haulage /-lidʒ/ noun

(money charged for) the carrying of goods by road, rail etc

gastos de transporte
a road haulage firm.
haulier /-liə/ noun

a person who owns lorries/trucks which carry goods for other people.

a long haul noun

a long or tiring job, journey etc

un largo trayecto/trecho
It’s a long haul from here to Edinburgh.

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