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Traducción en español de “ice”


noun /ais/
frozen water
The pond is covered with ice.
an ice cream
Three chocolate ices , please .
(American ) a fruit-flavoured/- flavored frozen dessert usually made without milk and cream
a lemon ice.
icing noun a mixture of sugar , white of egg , water etc used to cover or decorate cakes .
alcorza , glaseado
icy adjective (comparative icier, superlative iciest) very cold
helado , glacial
icy winds .
covered with ice
icy roads .
frío , seco
an icy tone of voice .
icily adverb
fríamente, secamente
’And what do you want ?’ she responded icily.
iciness noun
lo glacial
the iciness of the roads .
ice age noun a time when a great part of the earth’s surface was covered with ice.
período glacial
ice axe noun ( ice ax) a type of axe /ax used by mountain climbers to cut holds in ice for their hands and feet .
iceberg noun a huge mass of ice floating in the sea
The ship hit an iceberg and sank .
ice box noun (American) a refrigerator .
icecream noun cream or a mixture of creamy substances , flavoured / flavored and frozen
chocolate ice cream .
ice cube noun a small cube of ice used for cooling drinks etc
cubito de hielo
The bartender put two ice cubes in my glass .
ice hockey noun (British ) a game played on ice by two teams of six players . The players use long sticks to hit a small round flat object called a puck into the other team’s goal ; hockey (American)
hockey sobre hielo
a game of ice hockey .
ice lolly noun (plural ice lollies) (British ) ;a piece of ice or ice cream with a fruit flavour / flavor that is served on a stick ; Popsicle (American)
helado , polo
a strawberry ice lolly .
ice rink noun a large room or building with a floor of ice for skating .
pista de patinaje
ice-skate verb to skate on ice.
patinar sobre hielo
ice-skating noun
patinaje sobre hielo
ice tray noun a metal or plastic tray for making ice-cubes in a refrigerator .
bandeja para cubitos
ice over phrasal verb ( ice up) to become covered with ice
The pond iced over during the night The windows have iced up.
(Definition of ice from the Password English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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