Traducción de "increase" - Diccionario inglés-español


verb uk /ɪnˈkriːs/ (present participle increasing, past tense and past participle increased)

B1 to get bigger or to make something bigger

Smoking increases the risk of serious illnesses.
Sales of computers have increased by 15 percent.
→ Opposite decrease
noun uk /ˈɪn·kriːs/

a rise in the amount or size of something

a price increase
We are seeing an increase in standards of living.
→ Opposite decrease

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verb /inˈkriːs/

to (cause to) grow in size, number etc

The number of children in this school has increased greatly in recent years.
increasingly adverb

more and more

cada vez más
It became increasingly difficult to find helpers.
on the increase

becoming more frequent or becoming greater

en aumento
Acts of violence are on the increase.

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