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noun uk /ˈɪn·trəst/ us /ˈɪn·trəst/

B1 the feeling of wanting to know more about something

I have always had an interest in science.
After a while he simply lost interest in (= stopped being interested in) his studies.

B1 something you enjoy doing

We share a lot of the same interests.

B1 [ no plural ] the quality that makes you think that something is interesting

Would this book be of any interest to you (= are you interested in reading it)?

[ no plural ] the extra money that you must pay to a bank if you borrow money, or that you receive from the bank if you keep your money there

low interest rates
verb uk /ˈɪntrəst/ us /ˈɪn·trəst/

B1 If someone or something interests you, you want to give that person or thing your attention and know more about them or it.

History doesn’t really interest me.

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noun /ˈintrəst, (American) ˈintərist/

curiosity; attention

That newspaper story is bound to arouse interest.

a matter, activity etc that is of special concern to one

Gardening is one of my main interests.

money paid in return for borrowing a usually large sum of money

The (rate of) interest on this loan is eight per cent
(also adjective) the interest rate.

(a share in the ownership of) a business firm etc

He bought an interest in the nightclub.

a group of connected businesses which act together to their own advantage

grupo de intereses
I suspect that the scheme will be opposed by the banking interest (= all the banks acting together).
interested adjective

(often with in) showing attention or having curiosity

interesado (en)
He’s not interested in politics
Don’t tell me any more – I’m not interested
I’ll be interested to see what happens next week.

(often with in) willing, or wanting, to do, buy etc

interesado (en)
Are you interested in (buying) a second-hand car?

personally involved in a particular business, project etc and therefore likely to be anxious about decisions made regarding it

You must consult the other interested parties (= the other people involved).
interesting adjective (opposite uninteresting)

an interesting book.
interestingly adverb

de manera interesante
Interestingly, she failed to mention the subject.
interest rate noun

the percentage amount that an organization such as a bank charges you when you borrow money or pays you when your keep money in an account

interés, tada de interés
The government may cut interest rates.
in one’s (own) interest

bringing, or in order to bring, advantage, benefit, help etc to oneself etc

en su propio interés/beneficio
It would be in our own interest to help him, as he may be able to help us later.
in the interest(s) of

in order to get, achieve, increase etc

en el interés de
The political march was banned in the interests of public safety.
lose interest

to stop being interested

perder el interés
He used to be very active in politics, but he’s lost interest now.
take an interest

to be interested

I take a great interest in everything they do.

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