Traducción de "leap" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /liːp/ us /lip/ past tense and past participle UK/US leaped, past tense and past participle UK leapt

to suddenly move somewhere

hacer un movimiento repentino
I leapt up to answer the phone.

to jump somewhere

A big deer leapt over our fence.
noun uk /liːp/ us /lip/

a big jump

salto, brinco
He finished third in the long jump with a leap of 8.19 metres.

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verb /liːp/ (past tense, past participles leapt /lept/, especially American leaped)

to jump

saltar, brincar
He leapt into the boat.

to jump over

The dog leapt the wall.

to rush eagerly

She leaped into his arms.
leapfrog noun

a game in which one person vaults over another’s bent back, pushing off from his hands.

leap year noun

every fourth year, which consists of 366 days, February having 29, ie 1996, 2000, 2004 etc.

año bisiesto
by leaps and bounds

extremely rapidly and successfully

a pasos agigantados
His English is improving by leaps and bounds.

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