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noun uk /lɪŋk/

a connection between two people, things, or ideas

There’s a direct link between smoking and cancer.
Their links with Britain are still strong.

B1 a connection between documents or areas on the internet

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one ring of a chain

verb uk /lɪŋk/

to make a connection between two or more people, things, or ideas

conectar, relacionar
The drug has been linked to the deaths of several athletes.
The two offices will be linked by computer.
→ Phrasal verbs link (someone/something) up

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noun /liŋk/

a ring of a chain

There was a worn link in the chain and it broke
an important link in the chain of evidence.

anything connecting two things

enlace, vínculo, lazo
His job was to act as a link between the government and the press.
link up phrasal verb

to join or be joined closely or by a link

An electrician called to link up our house to the mains electricity supply (nounlink-up)
linking verb noun

(linguistics ) a verb such as ‘be’, ‘become’, or ‘seem’ that connects the subject of a sentence with its complement (= the adjective or noun that describes it); copula

verbo copulativo
In the sentence ‘He seems happy’, the linking verb is ‘seems’.
linking word noun

(linguistics) a word that connects one part of sentence to another (e.g. ‘and’) or one sentence to another (e.g. ‘Therefore …’) to show how the parts of a text relate to each other.


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