Traducción de "nurture" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /ˈnɜː.tʃər/ us /ˈnɝː.tʃɚ/ formal

to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, and help him, her, or it to develop

She wants to stay at home and nurture her children.
a carefully nurtured garden

to help a plan or a person to develop and be successful

As a record company executive, his job is to nurture young talent.

to have a particular emotion, plan, or idea for a long time

Winifred nurtured ambitions for her daughter to be a surgeon.

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verb /ˈnəːtʃə/

to encourage the growth and development of (a child, plant etc)

criar, educar
The school aims to nurture the talents of all its students.

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