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noun uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

B1 a unit used for showing who is winning in a game

Our team is five points ahead.
The Knicks are ahead by 12 points.

B1 an opinion, idea, or fact that someone says or writes

punto de vista, perspectiva
He made some interesting points about the election.
He explained his point by drawing a diagram.

a quality that someone has

atributo, cualidad
I know she’s bossy, but she has lots of good points too.

the thin, sharp end of something

the point of a needle

a particular time in an event or process

momento, instante
At this point in the day, I’m too tired to think.

the reason for or purpose of something

What’s the point of going to college if you can’t get a job afterwards?

an opinion or fact that should be considered seriously

buen argumento, buen motivo
‘She’s always complaining that the office is cold.’ ‘Well, she has a point (= that is true).’
‘How are we going to get there if there are no trains?’ ‘That’s a good point.’
the point

the most important part of what has been said or written

el meollo del asunto
Come on, get to the point!
The point is, if you don’t claim the money now, you might never get it.
up to a point


hasta cierto punto
What he says is true up to a point.

also decimal point the mark (.) that is used to separate the two parts of a decimal

One mile equals one point six (= 1.6) kilometres.

one of the marks on a compass

the points of the compass

a particular place

This is the point where the pipes enter the building.

a device connected to an electricity system that a plug fits into in order to supply electricity to something

toma, enchufe
be on the point of doing something

to be going to do something very soon

estar a punto de hacer algo
Amy was on the point of crying.
make a point of doing something

to be certain that you always do a particular thing

asegurarse de hacer algo
He made a point of learning all the names of his staff.
verb uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

A2 to show where someone or something is by holding your finger or a thin object towards it

She pointed to a bird in the tree.

B1 to hold something so that it faces towards someone or something

She pointed her gun at them.

B1 to face towards a particular direction

The road sign points left.

Phrasal verb(s)

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noun /point/

the sharp end of anything

the point of a pin
a sword point
at gunpoint (= threatened by a gun).

a piece of land that projects into the sea etc

punta, cabo
The ship came round Lizard Point.

a small round dot or mark (.)

a decimal point
five point three six (= 5.36)
In punctuation, a point is another name for a full stop.

an exact place or spot

When we reached this point of the journey, we stopped to rest.

an exact moment

momento preciso
Her husband walked in at that point.

a place on a scale especially of temperature

the boiling point of water.

a division on a compass eg north, south-west etc.

punto (cardinal)

a mark in scoring a competition, game, test etc

He has won by five points to two.

a particular matter for consideration or action

punto, cuestión
The first point we must decide is, where to meet
That’s a good point
You’ve missed the point
That’s the whole point
We’re wandering away from the point.

(a) purpose or advantage

There’s no point (in) asking me – I don’t know.

a personal characteristic or quality

We all have our good points and our bad ones.

an electrical socket in a wall etc into which a plug can be put

Is there only one electrical point in this room?
pointed adjective

having a sharp end

a pointed nose
pointed shoes.
pointer noun

a long stick used to indicate places on a large map etc.


an indicator on a dial

indicador, aguja
The pointer is on/at zero.

a hint; a suggestion

Give me some pointers on how to do it.
pointless adjective

having no meaning or purpose

sin sentido, inútil
a pointless journey.
pointlessly adverb

points noun plural

(British) a movable section of rails which allow a train to cross over other lines or pass from one line to another

The points had to be changed before the train could continue.

the solid tips in the toes of ballet shoes

She can dance on her points.
be on the point of

to be about to (do something)

estar a punto de
I was on the point of going out when the telephone rang.
come to the point

(also get to the point) to reach the most important consideration in a conversation etc

ir al grano
He talked and talked, but never came to the point.

(only with itas subject) to arrive at the moment when something must be done

llegar el momento
He always promises to help, but when it comes to the point he’s never there.
make a point of

to be especially careful to (do something)

proponerse hacer algo
I’ll make a point of asking her today.
make one’s point

to state one’s opinion persuasively

defender un argumento
She used a graph of the last month’s sales figures to make her point.
point out phrasal verb

to indicate or draw attention to

He pointed out his house to her
I pointed out that we needed more money.
point one’s toes

to stretch the foot out, shaping the toes into a point, when dancing etc.

hacer punta

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